Day 1 – Round Rock to Dumas,Texas

We started the day by getting a warning ticket (78 in a 70 mph zone). This served to get our attention and we will be using the cruise control to keep us legal from now on. South of Guthrie,TX we saw miles and miles of scorched earth from the recent brush fires. Later on we saw an active brush fire away from the road. Very hot (106) and dry.  

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2 Responses to Day 1 – Round Rock to Dumas,Texas

  1. Roy in admissions says you are up near where he grew up 😉 He also said you must have been haulin’ to get there so fast… man knows his stuff haha!

  2. David Whitten says:

    What? You did not have many comments about Dumas & the Dumas Demons. Truthfully, I would consider suicide if I had to live in Dumas.
    When I lived in Tulia, the home of west Texas bigotry, our high school would play them in sports. We also played Dumas when I lived in Levelland, Texas.

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