Day 2 – Dumas,TX to Douglas,WY

Today we drove from Dumas, TX to Douglas, WY. It was much cooler all day. The highway through the little piece of Oklahoma (OK) was very good. That little bit of OK is very rural farm country. Eastern Colorado (CO) is also very rural, almost empty but, the highway was incredibly good. Near Two Buttes (the place is so small it is not on the map and we don’t remember exactly where we were on US Hwy 287) we drove through a wind turbine farm that was HUGE. We guessed there were somewhere between 200 and 300 of these very big wind turbines. There was another large wind turbine farm north of Denver. They are something to see!

We saw our first pronghorn antelope as we drove into CO. They were almost always in pairs and we must have seen about 20 during the day. In addition to pronghorn antelope, we came across about a dozen dead smelly skunks during the day.

The land in Eastern CO was very dry and beige but got greener as we approached Denver. The Rocky Mountains off to our left going north from Denver still had quite a bit of snow on them. The landscape north of Cheyenne, WY was incredibly beautiful. There are beautiful rolling hills in WY and everything is very green. The rock formations are amazing!

The temperature barely rose to 75 degrees today compared to 106 yesterday. Quite a contrast. The rivers and streams in northern CO and in Wyoming (WY) are a little swollen from snow melt but not too terribly high.

(Tom’s Tip: If the pictures are too small, click on them to make them larger.)

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3 Responses to Day 2 – Dumas,TX to Douglas,WY

  1. Sounds awfully gorgeous. Talk about jealous…. i wish for them temps!… lets alone the chance for that humidity…(oh snow melt precipitate this way)?!?… miss ya Dad…. call me 2morrow in any citys (Sat)… love ya

  2. kb says:

    Setting a brisk pace, I’ll say that. Don’t envy the next leg as a driver (especially now–pass the pillow) but I bet it’s absolutely gorgeous. Hope you’re both having as much fun as it looks like, and be careful: won’t be long till the caribou are knockin’ at the door to your room. Y’know…. if you have some spare time on the way back, it’s not too out of the way to cruise by Woodie Creek, CO, and yell down the hill at Hunter’s family. Doctor Thompson wouldn’t mind.

  3. David Whitten says:

    When Marcia and I were in Cheyenne, we stopped for snacks. While I was driving through that city, I could not help notice the size of the buildings and homes. They were tiny. I suppose residents have to conserve on heating and cooling. Wyoming was absolutely breathtaking. But, so was Montana. When we were driving through and staying overnight in Denver, she commented on how small the Rocky Mountains were there. I was shocked to hear this; however, when we arrived in Montana & Wyoming, I better understood.

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