Day 3 – Douglas,WY to Great Falls,MT

Leaving Douglas we stopped to take a picture of a group of six prong horned antelope. They are fairly plentiful in WY and MT.  Just after we stopped to take pictures of the antelope, we came across another wind turbine farm. This farm appeared to have about 50 to 60 turbines. It is difficult to tell exactly because 0f the way they are arranged on these rolling hills. We saw a much larger wind turbine farm (maybe 150 or more) later in the day just before we went through Harlowton, MT. The scenery behind these was spectacular!

In Lavina, MT we saw our first evidence of the flooding we had heard about. The Musselshell River was up out of it’s banks. The highway followed this little river for miles and we came to a place where the water was running over the road but not very deep.

The scenery along today’s drive was incredible. Just south of Buffalo, WY, the scenery was especially spectacular with a mountain range to our left with many snow capped peaks. To the right along here we saw a sheep ranch (prior to this we saw lots of cattle). There must have been a thousand sheep in this large pasture.

We drove through rain for about an hour today. It was a little heavy for a brief time.

(Tom’s Tip: Add a comment,friends. It’s lonely out on the road. We miss you!)

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3 Responses to Day 3 – Douglas,WY to Great Falls,MT

  1. David Whitten says:

    Yes, you are going to get wet. Are you in a convertible? Hope you are packing some heat or bear spray up there. When I was in the area, the bears were asleep. Hope you spot some during your trip. I would love to see bears in the wild. What camera are you using? The pictures are great. By the way, I figured out who was with you. Had I had half my brain, I would have figured it out. Not awake yet. Looking forward to more posts.

  2. Both Meows have made an appearance and been fed their soft food. Robicheaux has been very cuddly and even tolerated being brushed (I even cut out a single matted wad) and Smokey ate a whole can of the soft stuff. Im gonna send you a pic of Kali kissin Robie (which he also tolerated 😉

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