Day 5 – Banff, Alberta to Dawson Creek, BC

Today’s leg was filled with incredible scenery.  Highway 3 and 93 run through Jasper National Park in a valley with the Canadian Rocky Mountains towering on each side of the road for 187 miles. Many of the peaks still have a good deal of snow on them. Everywhere you look is a picture postcard.

The first stop was Lake Louise. Lake Louise is surrounded by tall snowy peaks. It was quite overcast and brisk so we wore our coats.

Stop two was Bow Lake. Bow Lake was still covered with ice and is a very beautiful shade of green. There are snow covered peaks at one end of the lake.

Next stop was the Columbia Ice fields. This is actually a couple of glaciers. They used to meet and form one glacier but have melted back and now are separate. We brought along some sandwiches from a Safeway store in Banff and ate our lunch at the base of the big glacier.

Leaving the ice field and heading toward Jasper, we noticed several cars stopped along the road so we stopped to investigate. There was a large black bear grazing right next to the road. It had a beautiful shiny coat. We took a few pictures thinking that we had a pretty good chance of not being the bear’s next meal since there were several people standing there with us.

Not far down the road we stopped again to take a few pictures of the valley we had been traveling down as the road climbed up one of the mountains.

We stopped in Jasper for gas and check our bearings. Our GPS suggested we drive East all the way back to Edmonton and go to Dawson Creek from there. Dawson Creek is NW of Jasper so we decided to take a more direct route on a smaller highway. It turned out to be a good highway and saved us a couple of hours. This was a good thing since we were traveling over 500 miles on mostly two lane highways today.

Heading up highway 16 from Jasper, we had to stop to allow a herd of Big Horn sheep to cross the highway. We had seen numerous signs saying to yield to wild animal crossings and we finally got to see one.

Just outside of Grand Prairie we saw an elk farm. There were several hundred in a large field.

(Tom’s Tip: When you click on a picture to enlarge it you can see the next picture enlarged by clicking on the number/name in the lower right hand corner.)

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One Response to Day 5 – Banff, Alberta to Dawson Creek, BC

  1. David Whitten says:

    How beautiful, indeed. The GPS can be your worst enemy in some cases. “Keep on Truckin.”

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