Day 8 – Watson Lake, YT to Haines Junction, YT

Today is Thursday, June 16th. We got up early and were out on the road by about 7:30 AM. I think part of the reason was because we saw so much wildlife yesterday and were eager to find more and partly because our motel was not air conditioned. It was a little warm when we got to Watson Lake yesterday but there was a nice window and a good fan in the room so it was pleasant. It actually got pretty cool last night. This motel did not offer breakfast so we had picked up a few things and had them with coffee, saving some time.

It was overcast leaving Watson Lake and sprinkled on us in the early going. True to form, as soon as the sun came out we saw a big fox. He was about twice the size I have seen around Birmingham. We stopped and took a few pictures of him. He was just laying out in the sun just off the road. He moved a little further back from the road when we turned around but did not seem to be very worried about us.

Not long after seeing the fox, we saw a couple of rabbits. We didn’t take photos of them because they didn’t hang around. We did tell them about the fox, however. Wasn’t that nice of us?

The next critter was a medium sized brown bear. He was just ambling along just off the road. He really didn’t even seem to notice us as we turned around and came back. He was kind of funny to watch because he really was just kind of goofing off. This time, we photographed him from the car.

We stopped at a place called Marsh Lake to eat our sandwiches. There were some nice picnic tables so we took advantage of them. Big mistake! The mosquitoes attacked with a vengeance. We retreated to the car to finish lunch.

In addition to the fox, bear and two rabbits, we saw another rabbit, a chipmunk and a wolf today. We didn’t get pictures of them. It was actually pretty cool today as we were driving in a valley most of the day that was between two mountain ranges with snow capped peaks.

We made a stop in Whitehorse this afternoon to get sandwiches, gas and some cash. Whitehorse is the largest city in the YT. The YT has about 35,000 people total and Whitehorse has around 24,000. There are way, way more critters in the YT than people!

We got to Haines Junction around 3:30 this afternoon and were surprised to find it is a nice, neat little town with very large snow capped mountains looming over it (the Elliot Range). Most of the towns up here are pretty sorry looking.

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2 Responses to Day 8 – Watson Lake, YT to Haines Junction, YT

  1. allison says:

    Awesome pics of the Elliot Range! I am sure it is all just breathtaking and the pictures won’t do it justice! Again so glad you both could take this adventure together!

    Love ya,

  2. Pam says:

    The mountains and all of the wild animals roaming freely are just amazing! Also, I really like the funky stuff like the Corner Thing. And the street post decorated with antlers.
    Love you guys!

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