Day 10 – Anchorage,AK

Today Paul and I rested and recovered from our many hours on the road yesterday. We did our laundry and visited Market Days (an annual arts & crafts fair).

I wore my Texas T-shirt and almost as soon as we entered the fair people kept telling us that we needed to visit a booth located on the second row. “There’s a guy there who will really want to see you.” “You’ll know which booth as soon as you reach it.” Well we sure did! The booth was called “Alaska Pissin’ Off Texas Since 1959”. The guy who ran it was a real hoot and appreciated that Paul & I enjoyed the humor of it.

We were able to see Mt. McKinley or Denali (Koyukon Athabaskan for “The High One”)  from Anchorage today. It’s 237 miles away. Yes, it’s that big. People said it’s pretty rare to see it as it is often shrouded in clouds. The mountain is so big (elevation 20,322 feet) that it creates it’s own weather.

This evening we went to the airport to pick up Nancy (Paul’s wife), Allison (their daughter) and Stewart (Allison’s husband). While we were at the airport Nancy’s sister Connie and her son Timothy and daughter Melanie arrived at the B&B where we all are staying. They were pretty tired from flying all day so everyone turned in soon after.


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