Day 11 – Anchorage,AK

Today was another sort of lazy day. We strolled through the Market Days booths again. Then we went to lunch at the Midnight Sun Brewing Company. A good lunch and very good beer. Later Allison, Stewart and Melanie went bike riding. They saw 2 moose and an eagle. We had dinner at Simon & Seafort’s Saloon & Grill, Anchorage’s finest restaurant. The crab and macadamia nut stuffed halibut was superb. Went by a few gift shops and explored Anchorage a bit.

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2 Responses to Day 11 – Anchorage,AK

  1. Miss you too Dad!…. Miss all of you guys actually!…. That dinner sounds fantabulous!!!!! You guys were definitely about due for a “lazy day” 😉 , thats what vacations are really all about, i hope you work in a few more. I love you!

  2. Rose Barnes says:

    The pictures and comments are most enjoyable. Bonnie and I just got home and I feel like we have been as far as Alaska!!!! Bonnie kept up with the mileage but it must have been around 900 miles. Standing to type this comment!! Had a great trip. We stayed at the Hampton Inn in San Angelo. Left Sunday morning and stopped in Boerne to eat lunch. Then went to see Elaine in New Braunfels and 2 of her sons came by. Then we stopped in Shiner to see Irene and Harvey Pohler. We saw Harvey Lee’s wife and daughter, Jerry (I think is Donnie’s wife) and her mother, and then Michael Pohler stopped by. Then we dropped Maggie off in Moulton before spending the night in Hallettsville again. We got home today (Monday) at around noon. We saw and I met enough cousins to last both of us a long time. Bonnie didn’t want to come in, she said she had enough socializing.
    Have a wonderful time and forget the rest of the world.

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