Day 12 – Anchorage to Denali

So we started today with another wonderful breakfast at the Artic Fox B&B in Anchorage! We then hit the road in our 2 car caravan–destination Healy, Alaska near Denali National Park! Along the way we saw a brown bear on the side of the road outside Wasilla–it is amazing how close the animals come to the roadside! We then drove to Talkeetna which is the jumping off point for climbers to fly to base camp to attempt to summit Mount McKinley! It is a quaint little town that has become a little touristy since my last visit 16 years ago. We had a wonderful meal at the Roadhouse followed by beer tasting at Denali Brewing Company and homemade ice cream–spicy chocolate–yum! We left Talkeetna and stopped at a beautiful lake with float planes! Soon after we saw a porcupine on the side of the road! As we continued our journey northward amongst beautiful mountains we spotted a black bear and two moose! Once we got into the park in Denali we saw another moose that was about 10-20 feet away from us! Moose are very large animals! We are now staying at a beautiful B&B on a lake in Healy! It is quite picturesque! It is truly hard to describe and to capture the beauty here–it is breathtaking! Off to bed since we are leaving at 6:30AM for a 12 hour bus trip into Denali!

Guest blogger–Allison

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4 Responses to Day 12 – Anchorage to Denali

  1. Lynette says:

    Stacie prayed last night that Aunt Connie would make the bus trip ok!

  2. Claire Lenker says:

    Wow…..13 exclamation points in a single paragraph! Sounds like y’all are having a wonderful trip. Enjoy all the ‘together-ness’ tomorrow!

  3. Claire Lenker says:

    Ooops….I mean TODAY!

  4. David Whitten says:

    I will be awaiting shots. Ha.

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