Day 13 – Denali,AK

Today started early and ran long. We took 13 hour bus tours in Denali National Park. Connie, Melanie and Timothy’s bus left at 6:30AM. Paul, Nancy, Allison, Stewart and my bus left at 7:30AM. The bus run was 184 miles (92 miles in – 92 miles out). Of course this barely touched a park that covers 6,000,000 acres. There were many stops for bathrooms and animals. Both groups went as far into the park as was possible. My group didn’t get to see Mt. McKinley; Connie’s did (only 20-30% see the mountain). The mountains, glaciers and animals were fantastic. We saw moose, dall sheep, grizzly bears, foxes, ground squirrels, caribou, marmots, birds and porcupines. We were worn out after the ride so of course we went back to the 49th State Brewing Company in nearby Healy,AK. Very good food and beer.

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3 Responses to Day 13 – Denali,AK

  1. A. J. says:

    Hey Paul,

    I’m glad you guys had a safe trip up. I can’t wait to hear all about it. Looks like you are having a wonderful time.

    Love the pictures.

    Have a good time and be safe.

    A. J.

  2. David Whitten says:

    What an enormous park. I would have liked to see these animals in the wild. So, are you posting pictures?

    • homas333 says:

      Yes I will be posting pix from the last 2 days. They were long days so I got behind plus we are now a party of 8 so I have hundreds and hundreds of pix to pick from. I’m planning to work on it while we ride back to Girdwood,AK today. I even have a 5 minute video of 3 grizzlies that I’m going to try to get up on YouTube.

      Sent from my smokin’ iPad2

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