Day 14 – Denali,AK to Girdwood,AK

Today we packed up and left the lovely Denali National Park and drove to Girdwood, near Anchorage on the Turnagain Arms Basin. The Basin is another of Alaska’s natural wonders. When a new moon is here it’s time for the bore tide again. A cascading wall of water up to 6 feet tall and it happens twice a day. It is the only regularly occurring bore tide in the world. We stopped for lunch at the Talkkeetna Alaskan Lodge. A very good lunch while sitting on the deck viewing beautiful mountains (but not McKinley – she stays hidden from us in the clouds) and watching float planes take off and land at a nearby lake. We arrived at a beautiful bed & breakfast, the Glacier View here in Girdwood, home of the Alyeska Ski Resort. No skiing now but some of the group may ride the lift in the morning before we depart for Homer for 3 nights. When I was here 30 years ago I skied on the bunny hills until I felt that I was ready for the mountain. Damn that was high up in the air! I traveled down the mountain in the novice snowplow maneuver but I did get off the mountain without injury.

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2 Responses to Day 14 – Denali,AK to Girdwood,AK

  1. Today was PNA appreciation celebration at ASH(there was a nice bit of food and silliness)… I got to share some of your Alaskan psych stories… everybody is really happy you are on your adventure and of course you made some great stories on your last trip… heres hoping you bring home some more 😉

  2. David Whitten says:

    Yes, I know about snowplowing. It seems like I never advance further than this method of stopping and turning before I have to go home. Well, those days are over since I lost my ACL.

    Take some more pictures and post them please.

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