Day 15 – Girdwood,AK to Homer,AK

We left Girdwood this morning and drove farther around Turnagain Basin and Cook Inlet to Homer (Halibut Capitol of the World). There are so many snow-capped mountain ranges in Alaska it’s amazing. While eating out this evening we heard that there had been a 7.4 earthquake in the Aleutian Islands. The local fishermen were a bit freaked and were listening for a tsunami alert siren. There turned out to be an alert (that was cancelled) and I can see why they would be concerned. Homer is at the very mouth of Cook Inlet and all of their boats would be at risk. We are staying in a house way up in the mountains so we’d always be safe. But this is definately earthquake country. This will be short as some of us are going on kayaking trips and ferry trips tomorrow early.

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4 Responses to Day 15 – Girdwood,AK to Homer,AK

  1. Rose Barnes says:

    I heard about the earthquake on the morning news. I wondered if it would affect you in anyway but decided not. Thank goodness!!!!!

  2. Pam says:

    I heard about the earthquake when I got to work this morning. Glad to hear you are all okay. Have fun kayaking and ferrying!

  3. David Whitten says:

    Interesting. Although I know some basic knowledge about the Pacific ring, I was unaware of the earthquakes there. Of course, I don’t always pay attention to things since my wife tells me, “oh yeah” in response to my remark about Alaskan earthquakes. Are you sure that Oprah is not in town? But, she was the one who enlightened me about the New Madrid seismic zone & how the earth would liquify if that got going again. She told me that the New Madrid quake of 1811 where the Mississippi river started flowing backwards and a bell was sounded on the east coast. I will never forget the night of Dimmu Borgir and other bands at the Palladium in Dallas, next to Gilley’s. While we were there, a 2.4 earthquake occurred in the area. Never felt it.

    Please, tell me that you brought your weather radio. I go nowhere without mine, particularly when bad weather and adverse conditions are expected. Oh well, where is my sense of adventure?

    So, did you bring any cats for Killer Whale bait? I hope you are shooting shots to share with us later.

    Have fun and be safe!

  4. Larry said the weather was getting bad up there too…. please stay safe…. and call or e-mail if ya get a chance Dad…. back to work 😦

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