Day 16 – Homer,AK

(Tom’s Day) This morning Allison, Stewart and I went out on the Homer Spit and took a water taxi across Kachemak Bay to go on a guided kayaking tour around the islands there. We had a great time. We saw sea otters, many bald eagles, a seal, a loon, porpoises and starfish. Rick was our guide and was fun and knew a lot about Alaska. He has lived here his whole life. He said most people here had dogs but his “dog” was this seal who followed us the whole day. He called him Oomiac. We stopped on Fox Island for lunch. Rick took us on a “vegetable” hunt where we gathered several native plants. One plant leaf we tasted actually tasted like green beans–it was really good! His assistants (his grandaughter and a friend)  put them in a soup with rice and salmon. We ate the soup with bread and butter that his wife had made yesterday. All of it was Yum! We all handled a big starfish while Rick told us all about them. On our way back we came upon 2 very large bald eagles perched up in the same tree. A perfect ending to a very satisfying day on this grand ecotour.

 Paul and Nancy took the ferry to Seldovia. 

Connie, Timothy and Melanie went to a local Homer winery, Bear Creek Winery.  We started by touring the local Visitor Center where we saw life-size statues of all the wildlife in the area, including puffins, seals, seagulls, fish, and bears.  Then we trekked down the path to the beach, which was a bit chilly in the wind.  Afterwards, we ate at the organic Sourdough restaurant for lunch ending with a moose mound (chocolate muffin with ice cream and whipped cream)!!!  Then we headed on down to the spit where the Bald Eagles were chasing after those pesty Seagulls that were swarming the fish cleaners.  We walked in the wind to catch up with the other folks at the Salty Dawg to have us a good time 🙂

We all met up at the historic Salty Dawg Saloon on the Spit. Of course we each left “our mark” at the bar by leaving a unique dollar bill posted to the wall. We all then went to the house we are renting and had bacon, scrambled eggs and toast before crashing.


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5 Responses to Day 16 – Homer,AK

  1. What a great day!!!!!… I love love love breakfast for dinner too. I know its a couple days away but, Happy Anniversary Allison and Stewart!!!!!

    • homas333 says:

      Thanks Tass for the anniversary wishes! We appreciate it! We had such a great day with your dad kayaking! He and I were in the same boat so he had to put up with a weak paddling partner, but we made it through! We actually hit a rock at one point, but ended up seeing the most beautiful red starfish so it was a nice happy accident! It is incredibly beautiful here–I don’t think our pictures will do it justice! We miss you! Love ya,

  2. Rose Barnes says:

    Awesome!!! Reminds me of our “ladies” trip to Canyon of the Eagles when we thought we were watching eagles all weekend and it ended up being buzzards!!!! Oh well – when you don’t have the real thing you substitute.

  3. David Whitten says:

    That was really cool about the seal being a companion to Rick. When you spoke of Bald Eagles, it made me think of the population that comes to Texas, particularly Lake LBJ and other places. I know that you are loving the scenery, but I would be missing Texas by now. No, I am not always happy with my neighbors in this state, but I will die with my Texas boots on my feet.

    That surely sounds like a wonderful meal. You should have some great memories. I’m glad you were not taken by a Killer Whale.

  4. Sam says:

    What!! No pictures of the seal, otters, eagles, porpoises, or starfish?

    Paul without a camera, simply amazing!

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