Day 17 – Homer,AK

Today we started out the day by walking out the front door to see a moose cow and her calf in our front yard. Timothy had left earlier to go on a halibut fishing charter. We went to the Homer Spit for lunch at Captain Pattie’s restaurant. This was touted as the best place in town for halibut. The halibut was indeed delicious as was the clam chowder all made with local seafood. We cruised the many shops, watched the eagles, combed the beach for rocks and of course ended up at the Salty Dawg Saloon. Paul, Nancy & I drove up on Skyline Drive for some great shots overlooking Homer and Cook Inlet. The rest of the group waited on the Spit to welcome Timothy back. Timothy shipped 14 pounds of Halibut back to Texas and had a great day in the Alaskan Ocean. They brought us pizza (Finn’s pizza) home which we enjoyed with a fine bottle of local wine (Bear Creek Winery) that Connie had gotten yesterday at the winery. Another wonderful day in the state of Alaska where most views look like postcards.

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3 Responses to Day 17 – Homer,AK

  1. Glad it was such a lovely and scenic day… I think that its neat that ya’ll keep ending your days at the salty dog… routine is nice even while on vacation where it, can itself, become a luxury. 🙂

  2. Rose Barnes says:

    Tim, I am cleaning the grill!!!!
    My ex-boss, Ron, use to ship halibut and salmon back home.
    I rpint your daily blogs and take them to Bonnie.

  3. David Whitten says:

    Homer Spit? Well, that surely prompted an internet search. I bet the seafood is wonderfully fresh up there. This is starting to sound like an episode from M.A.S.H. when Hawkeye sent for BBQ. LMAO.

    You are not missing anything here in Texas. The hubs of Hades have descended upon us. Typically, this type of heat is reserved for late July and August; however, our climate has undergone some drastic changes. I would not want to say “global warming” because it baffles so many.

    Enjoy the cooler weather while you can.

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