Day 18 – Homer,AK to Anchorage,AK

We left the home we stayed in Homer in the morning. On the way out of town we stopped at the stoplight and took pictures of the huge eagles’ nest up in a tree there with eagle in residence. The baby (babies?) popped up and I hope that someone was successful in catching that on camera.

Along the way we stopped at an interesting wood carving place. They had a carousel carved from wood with Alaskan critters. Other intriguing wood sculptures dotted the premises and they had a nice gift shop.

We stopped for lunch at the Chair 5 restaurant again in Girdwood. Their food, beer & wine selection is outstanding. We made a quick shop stop at the Alaskan Tourist Trap (Yes that’s the name) before leaving lovely Girdwood.

We arrived in Anchorage and moved in to the Summerset B&B. Then we went to dinner at the Glacier Brewhouse where we met a dietician, Kristen, her husband Pat and their adorable little girl Sarah. The salmon I had was very tasty and I finished off my meal with a grand creme brulee. Thank you Nancy & Paul for picking up the tab.

We then went back  to Summerset because Nancy, Allison and Stewart have a very early morning flight out. Connie, Timothy and Melanie have an evening flight and Paul & I leave that morning toward Tok,AK to begin our journey back down the great Alaskan Highway.

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One Response to Day 18 – Homer,AK to Anchorage,AK

  1. David Whitten says:

    When you return to Texas, there will be an eagle’s nest waiting on you. From what I’ve gathered on Texas Country Reporter, there is a nest 8 miles east of Llano on highway 29. You can see the photographs on the following link. If I were to live in Alaska, it sounds as though I would have to diet based on the accounts of the great food up there.

    Eagles Nest, Llano, Texas

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