Day – 19 Anchorage, AK to Tok, AK

We will try to catch up on our pictures this week but with 8 people taking them, we got a little behind trying to manage.

We had a wonderful time with Nance, Allison, Stewart, Connie, Tim and Mel. Of course it was not very restful, what did I expect 🙂 but, we really enjoyed our company.

The time in Healy, Talkeetna, Denali, Anchorage, Girdwood and Homer were great with lots of kidding, good food and incredible things to see. We heartily recommend everyone put AK on their bucket list. You will not be sorry.

If I ever get back, I think I would like to spend most of my time in Homer. Many people will tell you Homer is a definite high spot in AK. Homer is very picturesque, the people are friendly, the food is incredible and there are a lot of things to do.

At Summerset House before we left we had a wonderful breakfast. Sourdough waffles with homemade jam. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Kim showed us her sourdough starter which she said would be 44 years old in August. She would not let me take her picture because she said that she wasn’t “made up”. I had to settle for a picture of Mike and the starter. Before we left Kim gave me a T-shirt because she wouldn’t let me photograph her. I loved Mike & Kim.

Tom and I decided not to repeat the 604 mile leg from Anchorage to Haines Junction. It turned out to be the only large section of the highway that was in rough condition and it was a killer leg. In Glenallen we drove off the road to see the Alyeska Pipeline that crosses there after asking a local for directions. No sign or anything. Strange that there was no commemoration for such an engineering marvel.  We are staying in Tok, AK tonight (pronounced like toke from the decriminalized days). The drive to Tok goes through the Chugach Mountains and is breathtaking to say the least.  You drive by the Matanuska Glacier and it is a sight to behold. The mountains around Tok are very beautiful as well. The weather was mostly overcast today and as we have learned, the critters don’t come out much when it is like this.

We may not get caught up with the pictures tonight. Tom has been taking care of that plus blogging while I have been goofing off this last week and it takes quite a bit of time. The next three days are short legs so we will endeavor to catch up. We have some very good photos to share.


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6 Responses to Day – 19 Anchorage, AK to Tok, AK

  1. Rose Barnes says:

    I am very impressed with you and Tom’s descriptive comments. Have a safe trip home!!

  2. You guys have been great about keeping up with the blog! Back here I really appreciate it since I am missing my Dad and lamenting not getting to see all of my fam, but the salve is that you are all on such a great adventure. I eagerly check your posts each night and have not been at all disappointed. Having Allison be a guest blogger was really neat also ;), HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!

  3. David Whitten says:

    Nice blog. It was if I was transported from Wacko to Alaska.

  4. Sarah says:

    Happy Birthday Tom 🙂

  5. Allison says:

    Happy Birthday to Tom! I hope y’all enjoy your special birthday dinner tonight! We both are missing Alaska today! It is hard to come back to the heat! We miss the beautiful mountains, the crisp mountain air and the wonderful company of course! We hope you both get some much needed rest and take your time getting back!

    Love ya
    Allison & Stewart

  6. Pam says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TOM!!!!!! I’m sure it’s been a really good one!
    I really appreciate how consistent y’all have been adding to the blog each day! But I am looking forward to seeing the next pics!

    Love from your Sis!

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