Day – 21 Haines Junction, YT to Watson Lake, YT

Sure hated to leave Haines Junction. If you ever go the  YT, please consider visiting Haines Junction. We would also highly recommend The Raven Hotel and Gourmet Restaurant. Our stay was great and the food is first class.  There is a very nice bakery just a block down the street from The Raven. The main attraction however, is the scenery. You will not regret the trip.

We left Haines Junction in the rain as we did the day before. I hope this front is not following us. The rain followed us most of the trip until the sun finally came out near Teslin Lake. Not long after that we came across another porcupine so we turned around and got a few pictures of him. The drive from Haines Junction to Watson Lake is very scenic so after the sun came out and the clouds dissipated, the view was great. Just before we came into Watson Lake, we saw a brown bear cub on the side of the road. We decided not to turn around for a photo op since we could not see the Momma Bear and we were a little too tired for any surprises. I sure hated to pass up that shot, though.

Tom brought his iPad 2 along on our trip and tonight I was able to connect with Nance at home. It’s a good thing since our phones do not work up here in the YT. I remember calling from Banff so I guess they work in Alberta. Video conferencing on the iPad 2 is pretty slick!

We are staying in the Air Force Lodge tonight in Watson Lake. It is a restored 1942 motor inn that is really pretty nice but it has a communal bath and shower for each sex. The price is right and they have a great internet connection. Internet service is usually provided, however the quality of the connection can vary quite a bit from place to place. This small technicality can greatly impact your ability to maintain a blog.

I forgot to mention yesterday was also Allison and Stewart’s anniversary in addition to Tom’s BD. Big mistake on my part since she is after all, my only child :-).

Today was really uneventful and we are hoping tomorrow will be a little more exciting although we did cross Brook’s Brook and George’s Gorge.

By the way, we are enjoying your comments! Please encourage us ( We are curious to know who’s out there just lurking without comment 😉 ).

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4 Responses to Day – 21 Haines Junction, YT to Watson Lake, YT

  1. David Whitten says:

    Yes, your comments have been enjoyable, not boring. In fact, you should both consider travelogging. You know that fellow on PBS, Rick Steves? Like Carl Sagan, he is an avid connoisseur of cannabis. If someone were to make my trip even happier, I might go anywhere. Be safe, mamma bear might be hungry!

  2. Nance says:

    Paul, glad we were able to connect via Face Time on the ipads last night. Tonight, I think I’ll put the ipad across the room. Those close up shots are not too flattering! Tom, you did a nice job catching up with the pictures. Now that your company has returned to the lower 48, don’t forget to take pictures of each other in front of some of that beautiful scenery – it will only make the pictures better! Travel safely! Love, Nance

  3. A. J. says:

    Hey Paul,

    Looks like you guys are on the way back home. When are we going to lunch??? I’ll bet you are all “lunched out” after this trip. Things are pretty quite here. We finallly started getting a little rain. Be careful and have a safe trip back home.

    • Allison says:

      Hey Dad–Thanks for the shout out about our anniversary! I am so amazed at all of your pictures! You both are seeing such incredible scenery! Be safe!

      Love you,

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