Day 29 – Richfield,UT to Cedar City,UT

This morning we headed out for Bryce Canyon National Park. On the way there we passed through Red Canyon. Some beautiful formations and I thought maybe a preview of Bryce. I’ve seen pictures of Bryce Canyon and have always wanted to see it. It and Monument Valley are real high points for me. Well I can now tell you that Bryce Canyon exceeded all of my expectations. What an amazing place! Like nowhere else in the world. The immense formations were simply mind boggling. Bryce is not really a canyon but a natural amphitheater with endless spires called “hoodoos”. They are formed over millenia by ice and rainwater affecting their soft sandstone composition. It has created a colorful, unworldly area that truly takes your breath away (that and an elevation of up to 9,000 feet). Because it is a fairly small park and they have to deal with the crowds they offer shuttles to the various sites. A great way to experience it. All national parks should offer it. I’m still jazzed about my day! On the way to Cedar City we took a road that traverses Cedar Mountain with an elevation of 10,000 feet. It features the Zion Overlook. We saw 8 Bighorn sheep and 3 chipmunks but today the scenery trumped the critters.

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One Response to Day 29 – Richfield,UT to Cedar City,UT

  1. Jim Schweitzer says:

    Great pictures. I’ve never been there, only flown over a couple of times.

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