Day 31 – Cedar City,UT to Mexican Hat,UT

Today was a day of adventure and discovery. We started out when we left Cedar City by crossing Cedar Mountain again. We took time to check out the lava flows. They said that they were 1,000 to 5,000 years old. Pretty recent in geological time. We went to Kanab,UT to determine how to go by Escalante State Park. We got directed down 40 miles of very wild backroad. Storm clouds constantly threatened and if it had rained there was a very real danger of flash floods or getting hopelessly stuck in the mud in total nowhere. VERY nerve racking. But we were lucky and not one drop of rain on us. We had to ford a couple of mini streams though. Wild switchbacks and ridiculous grades though. As a result we stayed on asphalt the remainder of the trip but we were amply rewarded (more later). Escalante Park was nice and we saw it from a very high perch on top of another mountain before we drove through it. The reward for going the long way sticking to asphalt roads was that we drove through Capitol Reef National Park. We had never heard of it but it featured some amazing cliffs all the way through. Along the way to our final destination we drove through Glen Canyon. Again we  saw amazing rock formations. Finally when we got close to Mexican Hat,UT and our destination of Monument Valley you climb yet another mountain and arrive at an overlook of the valley below that is completely mind boggling! To get down to the valley below you must go down a series of 10 degree switchbacks on a very narrow gravel road. You drive VERY slowly. We passed through Mexican Hat (yes there is a formation that sort of looks like a sombrero and is where we are staying tonight) on our way to Monument Valley. If you’ve ever watched old western movies (especially John Ford westerns) you are familiar with the wonderful rock formations. They are of course much better in person. We rode with a guide because the rain finally caught us and the road there is atrocious without the mud. The bonus was several shots of the formations with a rainbow added. We have many pretty pictures but they’ll have to wait a day or so. We’re beat!

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4 Responses to Day 31 – Cedar City,UT to Mexican Hat,UT

  1. Nance says:

    I am anxious to trace this day’s route on the atlas. You went south from Cedar City to Kanab, but then north to Capitol Reef National Park? I would also like to hear more about the visit to the Navajo Nation and riding in the back of a truck with sides on the tour with the family from Switzerland! This day does sound like a chapter from an adventure story. Glad you both are safe and enjoyed the ride!


  2. gopigs15 says:

    So, how many miles have you racked up on the odometer?

  3. David Whitten says:

    Put wrong tag in there.

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