Day 32 – Mexican Hat, UT to Moab, UT

Yesterday was a brutally busy day. We put in a good 13 hours of travel and didn’t eat supper till 9 PM Utah time. We both feel some of the effects today :-).

We left Mexican Hat pretty early this morning and were driving into Canyonland Park around 10. We drove 22 miles back into the park to see the Needles Overlook. Believe me, it was worth it! Just when we think we have seen the best, the next thing we see is as good or better than what came before it. The really great thing about all the things we’ve been fortunate to see, is they are all different and wonderful in their own way. The Needles Overlook looked down into a huge canyon with numerous hoodoo’s on the floor. We had been prepared to face crowds but the road out to the overlook was almost deserted. The scenery on the way out was incredible as well.

We left Canyonlands about 11:30  and drove into Moab for lunch. After lunch we drove up past Moab a few miles to Arches National Park, again expecting crowded conditions. Arches National Park is a must see for everyone. It was a little overcast and with the exception of a couple of stops within the park, things were not crowded. Even though Arches is considered one of the smaller National Parks, it is still very large. As I mentioned above, we were both pretty tired from yesterday and the plan was if it was overly crowded, were just going to stay for a short while.

Again, it was not very crowded and the sights were awe inspiring! The arches and rock formations were truly something to see and we had been to Monument Valley yesterday. Not to take anything away from Monument Valley, but Arches was well worth the trip!

We had originally planned to spend two days in Moab thinking we would need both days but now we have decided to move on toward home tomorrow. We had originally planned to spend two nights in Canon City, CO visiting relatives but since one of our relatives has company and we could not get in touch with the other, we decided to just spend the night and move on the next day toward Amarillo.

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3 Responses to Day 32 – Mexican Hat, UT to Moab, UT

  1. pwoolNancy says:

    I am glad to hear that the parks were not too crowded today. Maybe everyone who had been vacationing the week of the 4th were headed home today. Chris Makris recommends Black Canyon of the Gunnison National park in Colorado. It looks like you will pass it on your way to Canon City. Are you going to at least get to see one of your cousins while you are in Canon City?

    Allison and Stewart came over for supper tonight. We had meatloaf, mashed potatoes, fresh tomatoes, Chilton county peaches, and Blue Bell ice cream. Doesn’t that sound like a winner of a meal? ti was good!

    Travel safely! Your groupies will have to find something else to do when you are no longer blogging!


  2. David Whitten says:

    Remember, Amarillo has some pretty fine BBQ if you look around & ask. Furthermore, you could spend part of the day viewing the Stanley Marsh III art projects around Amarillo. Yes, he is responsible for the really weird signs posted around town. Yes, he has a suspended Mesa exhibit outside of town where it looks like it is floating at a specific time of day, near sunset. Yes, he did the Cadillac Ranch.
    If you have the time, you might want to take in the museum in Canyon since it has a larger paleontology exhibit than Houston. It is on the road to Palo Duro canyon. No, I doubt this canyon would impress you unless you were traveling in Texas. Remember, they have a Famous Dave’s in Amarillo. Remember, the original route 66 is a place to get more than you bargained for since I interviewed quite a number of “working women” who worked on Amarillo Blvd in Gatesville, Texas. Still, it is Route 66.

  3. David Whitten says:

    Here is the museum link.

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