Day 33 Moab, UT to Canon City, CO

Leaving Moab was bittersweet. We loved The Arches National Park and the little town but we were glad to be heading home. We have seen pretty much every thing we set out to see. It has truly been a Grand Adventure! We are very thankful to our families for encouraging us to do it. We hope we have been able to entertain those of you who have followed our blog. Tom is diligently working on our photos but, we took way too many to keep up with. Please be patient.

Nance suggested we stop by Black Canyon of Gunnison National Park on our way to Canon City so we decided to do just that. One of her co-workers had recently visited and suggested it was worthwhile. We certainly agree. Compared to some of the canyons we have seen, it is pretty small. The impressive thing about Black Canyon is it’s depth, over 2,000 feet! The Gunnison River runs though it. The walls of the canyon are quite dark and you can hear the roar of the river quite well from two thousand feet up!

We stopped to eat our lunch just down the road from Black Canyon above the Curecanti National Recreational Area. We thought we were still pretty high up in the mountains so we checked our GPS and discovered we were at around 7,900 feet.

Driving on, we crossed the Rocky Mountains between Salida and Canon City at Monarch Pass. This is also the continental divide. The elevation at Monarch Pass is 11,312 feet. Along about Salida, the Arkansas River flows along beside the road all the way to Canon City. It was quite swollen and was flowing very swiftly. We had driven over the Colorado River at Grand Junction and it was overflowing it’s banks.

Today we saw 2 deer, a squirrel and endless chipmunks for some reason. While we are not seeing as many wild animals (too many humans), while driving along the Blue Mesa Reservoir we did see the Bay of Chickens!

Next stop, Amarillo, Texas!


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One Response to Day 33 Moab, UT to Canon City, CO

  1. I love that you guys did something so neat on the fly! Great suggestion Aunt Nancy! Question: did yer ears pop a lot?

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