Day 35 – Amarillo, TX to Round Rock, TX

We drove into Round Rock last night around 9:20 PM, a little tired but glad to be at an end point. I still have to drive to B’ham and will leave tomorrow AM.

What can we say? It was an adventure of a lifetime and we are very thankful we had the chance. This was a wonderful experience. Thanks to all who supported us.

We slept in yesterday anticipating a short day’s drive to Snyder, TX after visiting Palo Duro Canyon near Canyon, TX. A thermometer down in the canyon read 110 degrees at about 11:30 so we didn’t goof around very much. We pretty much drove through with just enough stops to get some photos. As we were heading out toward Snyder, we realized we would be there in the early afternoon and could be in Round Rock by about 9 if we drove straight through. Well, this has been a great trip but we have been on the road since June 9th and we were ready to get home so we cancelled the Snyder reservation.

Palo Duro Canyon is very scenic with much of the same formations and colors we saw in canyons in UT, but on a smaller scale. Man it was hot down there but definitely worth the stop!

We had an interesting experience driving down Highway 84 near Snyder. We saw one of those dust devils coming across a field up ahead and as we got closer, I realized it was going to intersect with us. It wasn’t very big (maybe 10 0r 12 feet in diameter) but it rocked the car a little when it hit! I told Tom we might want to avoid it next time if possible.

On the way up through TX we had seen a few wind turbine groups (pretty small, actually) and then we came across some much bigger groups in CO, WY and MT (maybe 200 or so in a group). Well, we had not seen anything ’til we got past Snyder heading south. We drove through wind farm after wind farm until we got past Sweetwater. We estimated there were probably as many as 1,500 to possibly 2,000 of those giant wind turbines along that stretch! It is hard to tell because they are up on mesas stretched out farther than you can see and they are in multiple rows. There has to be billions invested in these things. We also saw giant power lines being built in the vicinity of the turbines. We read that turbines are being built all up and down the Midwest wind corridor. They are quite majestic when seen up close.

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3 Responses to Day 35 – Amarillo, TX to Round Rock, TX

  1. David Whitten says:

    Yeah, I was about to tell you about the Sweetwater group of turbines. Some are pretty close to the road. When you get close to them, they are huge. I watched a documentary about these turbines. They are programmed to shut down when birds are detected thereby reducing the chance of avicide. Glad you made it home. I enjoyed the ride.

  2. Nancy says:

    You have been so blessed ! First of all to be able to take this trip and secondly without mishap! It sounds like the van did great – just needed an oil change in UT! No cracked windshield, no flat tire, you both stayed well! My prayers for you have been answered. Now, Paul all you need to do is make it safely back to Birmingham! I am really glad that you were able to spend this time together and experience this great adventure. It truly is a trip of a lifetime!


  3. Nancy says:

    If you guys are giving prizes, I think David Whitten should receive one for posting the most comments, some complete with web links!


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